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Experience real China
learn authentic Chinese
Enjoychinese has made Chinese learning scientific, game-like and practical.
With it, your learning experience will become as interesting as exploring the unknown world.
EnjoyChinese 能给你什么
Not only learn how to speak Chinese but also understand the cross-cultural differences
Cover all the aspects from the basic to advanced level and all parts of listening, speaking and reading
Rich resources and game-like settings.
Truly individualized learning system.
We improve the learning efficiency
[We improve the learning efficiency]:We improve the learning efficiency
[Individualized choices]:You choose what is most appealing for you
[Partner practicing with real person]:Practice while learning
[Ability training]:Breakthrough the obstacles of listening, speaking, reading and writing
We reconstruct the learning environment
Learn Chinese without the help of teachers
Use this application even without WIFI
Speak out Chinese confidently with our pronunciation correcting system
We say no to dullness but embrace fun
[Being game-like]:Make use of your right brain and acquire Chinese spontaneously
[Cultural fusion]:Learn Chinese language! Learn Chinese culture! Why not combine them together!
[Diverse off-line experience]:Bring language to your daily life.
Start the journey now!


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