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what Breakfast Are like in China?
What the Chinese eat in the morning?
How many kinds of breakfast in China?
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what Breakfast Are like in China
For breakfast in China, there are different styles in different cities. What are traditional, popular and famous Chinese breakfast foods which will be found on streets every morning?
  • 豆浆
    Dòu jiānɡ
    Soy milk
    You can find freshly blended or boiled soy milk at most breakfast stalls, which serve it sweet or savory.
  • 油条
    yóu tiáo
    deep-fried dough sticks
    Youtiao are long, brown, deep-fried sticks of dough, which are usually eaten together with soy milk or rice congee. Some foreigners think it is strange to have such an oily breakfast in the morning.
  • 豆花
    dòu huā
    tofu pudding
    In the North, people like to eat savory douhua with soy sauce or salt. However, in the South, people prefer the sweet version with sugar.
  • 包子
    bāo zi
    steamed stuffed buns
    Chinese eat baozi at any meal, especially in North. Baozi can be filled with various meat and vegetables, both savory and sweet.
  • 小笼包
    xiǎo lónɡ bāo
    small basket buns
    Shanghai-style xiaolongbao originated in Nanxiang, a suburb of Shanghai . Most foreigners are familiar with Din Tai Fung, which is a restaurant originating in Taiwan, specialising in xiaolongbao
  • 煎饼果子
    jiān bǐnɡ ɡuǒ zi
    street pancake
    It began as the most famous snack in Tianjin. Now it has spreaded to many cities in China.
  • 大米粥
    dà mǐ zhōu
  • 点心
    diǎn xīn
    Dim Sum
    It began in Cantonese-speaking Southern China as a snack to be eaten during the tea time. There is a large selection of tasty choices.
  • 馄饨
    hún tun
    Wontons are a traditional Chinese breakfast food which are made of wonton wrappers and fillings, similar to “jiaozi”. But the wrapper is square instead of round.
  • 粽子
    zònɡ zi
    rice dumpling
    zongzi is made of sweet glutinous rice, wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed. Fillings flavors of zongzi vary by region. Usually it is red bean past or chestnut in the north and egg York, fatty pork in the South.
  • 米粉
    mǐ fěnɡ
    Rice noodles
    Rice noodles are more often eaten in the South. Guilin rice noodles is a very famous and popular cheap meal all over the China now. people eat it not only as breakfast, but also lunch or dinner.
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